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Adam Neate : THE LONDON SHOW book

ADAM NEATE: The London Show

This book is 'the final chapter' of an art event which took place on the night of 14th November 2008. It documents Adam Neate's 'The London Show' when he left 1000 works throughout all 33 boroughs of London.

Documenting the event through from the production process, to images of the works left in situ, through to press cuttings and people's personal accounts, this book once again uses the highest print production technologies and is a companion publication to our other highly collectable artists' books.

Published by Elms Lesters and hard bound in a limited edition of 1000 copies (the same as the number of artworks left in the street and similarly shrinkwrapped) it contains over 100 colour images across 88 pages, with an introduction by art historian Ben Jones and an outro by writer and editor Mike Von Joel.

This item is available for International delivery